About Us


Exspiravit is Craig and Angel. We are seriously spooky people. We love the paranormal, ghosts, UFO's and everything that is out the ordinary.

We came up with Exspiravit as there aren't many seriously cool paranormal themed designer clothing and accessory designers out there!

So to explain a bit about our logo and concept. The skull logo is actually a design from a real skull in the Paris Catacombs. We visited there back in 2015. We took that photo and came up with the skull design. Spooky right! The red eyes are based on infinity and symbolises reincarnation, continuity and life after death.

The name Exspiravit is Latin for Phantom, Spirit or Ghost. We then decided on our Latin tagline "Omnia mors aequat" which is Latin for "Death makes all things equal".

Check out our video below to see it in action! 

We are extremely proud to announce that from August 2020, we are the exclusive designer's for Haunted Happenings. We are extremely excited and proud to be the exclusive design team for the UK's oldest and largest ghost hunting events company. 

We hope you love our spooky designs and we will be adding new exclusive ones all the time.

Keep checking in and subscribe to our email. If you have any questions or just simply want to say hello, then click on the Contact Us button in the bottom corner of the page to get us on messenger! 

Love and peace and stay spooky!

Craig and Angel