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Exspiravit Gift Card

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Share your love of the paranormal with your friends and family and send them a gift card for use on our site on any merchandise!

We have them in handy denominations of £10, £20, £25, £40, £50 and £100.

When you order a gift card, you will get an emailed copy of the card along with the refernce number and the value of the gift card. The reference number is what you enter when redeeming the Gift Card.

You can find all the frequently asked questions about gift cards here: FAQ's - Gift Cards

NOTE - the gift cards on the site are for sole use on the site for Exspiravit or Haunted Happenings Merchandise. They are not usable on Haunted Happenings for purchases of event tickets. You can buy gift cards for Haunted Happenings events here: